Documentary Review: The Devil

Emma-Rosa Dias’s stylish and atmospheric short film The Devil is an insight into the style, music and lifestyle influences of the Mod subculture from the 60s, 80s and the 21st century.

Written by Mark Baxter and narrated by Paul Weller, the three-minute short film features a few familiar faces from the mod scene including Darron J Connett and an iconic soundtrack by Mother Earth and Big Boss Man.

Popular mod labels Merc Clothing, Watch the Cloth Moth, Gibson London, Art Gallery, Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Nicholson & Walcot, Brutus, Adidas and Peckham Rye are to thank for providing original and authentic clothing.

Aired on Channel 4’s Random Acts on Friday 26th August, The Devil is a must watch not only for mods but for anyone passionate about fashion, music and style.


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