Lorenzo Salvatori Launches New Mod Inspired Clothing Label, Capirari

Since coming into fruition in 1965 the Mod subculture still stands the test of time when it comes to fashion, music and lifestyle.

We speak with the Founder of a new sixties-inspired clothing label, Lorenzo Salvatori, who tells us how he initially became passionate about the mod scene and what you can expect to find in his first collection…


“I was born in the summer of 1988 in Pesaro, a small city in Italy.  I think I’ve always been a Mod. Since I was a little boy I felt like I had to distinguish myself from friends my age by not following fashion trends. Then, during my adolescence I came across the Mod movement and I thought that it really suited me. My initial curiosity soon became a really strong interest.

What attracts me the most about this movement is its elitism. Modernism is indeed founded on the individuality of people and it doesn’t merely represent a passing trend. Quite the opposite, it is an actual way of life founded on aesthetics and on everything new and unusual.

My Italian background deeply influences my style, I love elegance, tailored suits and the attention to detail.  From this passion, I’ve decided to launch my own brand called Capirari.


The label is inspired by 1960s modernism, the American ivy league style and Italian sartorial art.

Our first collection is called “Flamingo” and it’s made of original madras shirts available in two colours in a very limited series (only 27 units),  made by skilled Italian artisans.

Each shirt is shipped with a handcrafted case made in original hemp and linen fabric of the 1950s, with a coconut latch.

We realize quality clothing with a specific identity that can be recognized in any product.

Capirari believes in style, intended as an expression of individuality and personal creativity and our fundamental values are passion and attention to detail”.

For more information and to purchase Capirari’s shirts visit the Facebook page or drop them an email at info@capirari.com.


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