Meet Lewis Griffiths

We meet with the Founder of Griffiths Clothing, Lewis Griffiths who chats to us about what influences and drives him, his pet hates and what’s in store for the future…

Griffiths-Clothing launched in June 2013. The range was based on early British fashion which is highly regarded as the pinnacle of style and design. The clothes of the time were no longer run of the mill items and as such were becoming an identity and a reflection of a personality.

Late 2014 the record side of the business launched and in turn November 2015 we released our first book.

M: What book /movie has influenced you?
 No book or film has really influenced me. However there are films that stand out due one reason or another. Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke, for the person I was watching it with at the time, my dad when I was 15 years old. Thomas Crown Affair (McQueens version) due to the story line, clothes, and beautiful cinematography. Robert De Niro in Raging Bull again for more or less the same reason as the Thomas Crown Affair.

Books, would be any poetry by Dylan Thomas. I do like a biography from time to time.

M: How would you best describe your style?
 Mod/Casual/Rude Boy. You look at any image of the scene in that era and I don’t think you’ll ever see a bad photo. That sets me up in saying I dress well, which I don’t mean but it’s definitely the direction I sway towards.

M: If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?
 Nobody really if I’m honest, not that I rate myself but I don’t know what it would be like to live in someone else’s shoes for a day. I suppose if anyone, Steve McQueen, cool as fuck, had it all going off, man. It would have to depend on what head I’ve got on when I wake up. McQueen would be up there though.

M: Gin Vodka or Beer
 Beer. Preference though would always be a fine rum over anything else as the order of the day.

M: What drives you to do what you do ? What motivates this?
 My kids drive me to do what I do. The motivation is plain and simple, mouths to feed, clothes to put on their backs. I also don’t want them doing the shit jobs I had to when I left school. If they want to step in to what we have going on, great, if not I’ll back them to the hilt on whatever they choose to do. Another motivation is people that have written me off, no time for negativity.  We also have good people involved with us, 110% that makes me tick.  Artists and authors have put a lot of faith in us, goes without saying we have to return it.

Doing what we do has opened doors to meeting some amazing people. It’s given us the opportunity to help those who have found themselves in unfortunate situations, another motivation.

M: Is there a documentary or book that really changed the way you thought about something?
 Back in the 80’s there was the whole nuclear explosion documentaries on the box. The story line revolved around how we would survive a nuclear war from a single press of a button, which could wipe out most of mankind. I was only young when I watched it but fucked my head up for years. I remember thinking at the time, how could anyone be given that much power which would destroy masses is beyond me. Freaked me out!!

M: If you could have found the answer to any question , what would that question be?
 I often ask myself the question of how dirty politicians or wrong’ns in general can sleep at night or why we war with one another? Someone once said to me, you can’t change how others portray themselves or a shit situation but you can change yourself as a person to deal with it all. Never a truer word spoken.

M: What words of wisdom would you pass onto your childhood self, if you could go back in time?
 I’m in no position to pass on words of wisdom to anyone or do I have any regrets. Yeah I’ve made mistakes! You deal with situations the only way you can, whether that is surviving or just getting by in life. We all make mistakes but that’s what creates part of our make-up.  I’m a firm believer in everything for a reason; it is what it is, albeit if you are dealt shit cards from time to time, it’s all about wiping the mouth, rolling the sleeves up and pushing on.

M: What advice would you pass to any new band / authors?
 I wouldn’t give advice to anyone at this present time, we haven’t done anything special to warrant it. What I can say though, is stick to your guns and what you believe in, never give up on the dream.

M: Who inspires you?
 My family… As well as doing right buy those who do right by me and vice versa.

M: What was the best book you’ve read and why?
 Again, anything by Dylan Thomas as well as Peter Meaden ‘I’m The Face‘ by John Hellier and Pete Wilky. We were fortunate enough to be involved with the book on the publishing side, so to see a finished product out there was a sense of satisfaction. It’s a right good read too.


M: Dislikes?
 Bullshit, money grabbers, back stabbing, liberty takers, knockers/doubters, people that are flaky or up their own arse, negativity, most of the usual really. Im not a big fan of men who put on a nice suit or women a lovely dress and then wear a pair of trainers with it? What is all that about, no need for it, should be a law against it.

M: Likes?
 The opposite to all the above.

M: What is currently lined-up next?
 September 26th we have the release of Terry’s Shaugnessy solo album ‘Songs From Another Life‘,  November 26th The Aim release the second album which to date is untitled.  We also hope to bring in a few more bands in to beef up the label.

Above: The Aim and Terry Shaughnessy

Pete Wilky is currently writing another book with Jan Lamb which hopefully will be released early part of next year. We also will be in talks with another author or two with a high profile biography.

In between times we are bringing out a new range of clothing which has been spoken about for far too long. We are moving slightly away from what we’re currently doing and moving more towards the casual scene. The Lacoste look is what we have gone for as most of our sales go worldwide to the terraces. Just seems a natural progression and a turn in the right direction.

We are also in talks regarding a film, what that brings who know but it’s all good!

We need to add a few more websites too for books…

There is plenty to be getting on with for the remainder of the year in preparation of hitting the ground running in 2017.

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